IRT Shamrock Shootout Wrap up at Pro Racquetball Stats

IRT Shamrock Shootout Wrap up at Pro Racquetball Stats

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World Championships Move From China: New Location To Be Announced

World Championships Move From China: New Location To Be Announced


World Championships Move From China: New Location To Be Announced

March 17, 2018 –

The World Championships to be held later this summer in China are to be relocated, and a new location will be announced soon.

Unfortunately, the Chinese governmental permission necessary for the China Racquetball Federation to host the World Championships was delayed, which has resulted in other logistical complications.

IRF President Osvaldo Maggi expressed his disappointment. "It is with great sadness that the IRF has made the difficult decision to move the World Championships this summer and delay hosting a tournament in China. We will continue to work with the Asian Racquetball Federation and the China Racquetball Federation with the goal of holding a future IRF event there soon. In the meantime, the Executive Committee is discussing our backup location, and we hope to make an announcement very soon regarding the location of the World Championships in August."

About the IRF

The International Racquetball Federation is the international governing body of the sport of racquetball under the auspices of the International Olympic Committee. Founded in 1979, the IRF provides governance, rules, and leadership to its 83 national federation members. A member of GAISF beginning in 1980 and recognized by the IOC in 1985, the IRF offers three events annually and one, the IRF World Championships, biennially. It is the international umbrella organization for racquetball over the Olympic Chain of events such as the Pan American Games, World Games, Central American Games, Central American and Caribbean Games, and IRF Regional competitions.

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