Racquetball Magazine Summer Edition

Racquetball Magazine Summer Edition

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2018 Racquetball Clinic With Rocky Carson!

2018 Racquetball Clinic With Rocky Carson!

Hey everyone! I was wondering would you do this Clinic with Rocky Carson? It’s $200 and here is some information about it.

LEARN AND PLAY WITH THE BEST!! 2 DAY racquetball clinic in Indianapolis, Indiana with on-court instruction from Rocky Carson for all skill levels. Saturday 9am-4pm with dinner 5:30pm-8:00pm. Sunday 9am-1pm.

Think it’s worth the investment? Up to 20 people can be in it. It’s also $200. I’m on the fence. How do you feel and would you do it?

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Another ‘I’m new which racquet should I buy’ post – looking at i.165

Another ‘I’m new which racquet should I buy’ post – looking at i.165

New to the sport and wanting to get my first racquet. I have heard good things about the Head i.165 in the sub $100 range. Internet searching backs this up, but a lot of the info I found was dated. Is the i.165 still a good starter racquet, or is there a more popular recommendation at/near that same pricepoint ($70ish as of right)? now

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Gearbox Balance Numbers

Gearbox Balance Numbers

Being a long time Gearbox enthusiast and sponsored player… I feel like I should know the answer to this, but I don't. But what do the numbers on the butt of the handle mean? They seem to range from 125-127 to 134-136 from my sampling of racquets. I've been told they are related to balance and even means something different than odd numbers (balanced vs unbalanced). I imagine it has something to do with the exact balance point, but what specifically are those numbers representing?

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