WRT Georgia Open Wrap-up from Proracquetballstats.com

WRT Georgia Open Wrap-up from Proracquetballstats.com

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RB Court Shoe Advice?

RB Court Shoe Advice?

I am looking to get a new pair of court shoes. I am a B player and play 2/3 times a week averaging around 24 competitive games. I have went through around 3 pairs of court shoes the last 3 years. I usually spend around $100.00 on shoes, asics this time with a ‘durable’ hard rubber webbing on the toes that I am starting to bust through and the rubber coming off around inside arc and heel.

Anyone have any good luck with light, durable court shoes or could recommend shoe?


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Kane Waselenchuk Interview Wednesday 5/16

Kane Waselenchuk Interview Wednesday 5/16

LIVE this Wednesday (5/16, 1:00pm CT) on the Racquetball Warehouse Facebook page – Kane Waselenchuk in the most anticipated interview in racquetball history. Kane talks possible retirement, his legacy, and the future.


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