Fix My Racquet Open Tournament In Round Rock, Texas

Fix My Racquet Open Tournament In Round Rock, Texas

Submitted December 11, 2017 at 12:47AM by HitWithIt
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Sister got a donated racquet, anyone ever have experience with one? (Pro Kennex Pure 1 Infinity 175)

Sister got a donated racquet, anyone ever have experience with one? (Pro Kennex Pure 1 Infinity 175)

Submitted December 10, 2017 at 06:57PM by GeT_SILvEr
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Stay With Wilson racquets or change brands?

Stay With Wilson racquets or change brands?

I just came back to the sport after a few years off and am trying to decide which way to go with my gear. Currently I play primarily with a Wilson Hit Stick with two Lazer Sticks as my backups for string breakage. The Hit Stick is my favorite racquet I've ever played with (it's 175g but slightly balanced towards the handle and feels more like 170) but the Lazer Stick is slightly too heavy for my front court play.
Any other Wilson players out there with recommendations? Looks like I could pick up a couple Crazy Sticks for cheap which are even lighter but with a different string pattern that I've never tried… Or is it time to jump ship and start demoing again? If anyone happens to have an unbroken Hit Stick lying around I'd also happily buy it.

For reference I'm currently hovering around A/elite and used to play open. I'm neither a true control nor true power player. Up until switching to Wilson in '12 I had always played Head, and tended towards racquets between 160g-170g. Last Head racquet was a Metallix 170.

Thanks for any help!

Submitted December 07, 2017 at 05:02PM by alembry
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Proper Shoe Care

Proper Shoe Care

Hey Everyone. after playing for the last 6 months, i finally laid down the money for some nice racquetball shoes. My question is how to properly care for them. Is there any specific things i should be doing to increase their lifespan? Do i need to be applying goo? Do i need to "warm" the shoes up by walking in them before all out play?

Just anything in general, these things are expensive so i want them to last.

Submitted December 05, 2017 at 01:40PM by Rockmaw
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