Played in my second tournament. I had fun but…..

Played in my second tournament. I had fun but…..

But I was not a fan of how some calls went down. I had a few bad calls by the ref, which is going to happen, but what rubbed me the wrong way was how my opponents took advantage of them. In one scenario my opponent was up towards the front trying to return one of my drop shots (I was near the front as well) and he didn't successfully return it. In the refs defense it was in the corner and both of us hovering over the ball probably didn't give him a good view. My opponent, seeing that the ball didn't make it to the front wall same as i saw it, started to make the motion to give me the ball for a sideout but the ref called point. As soon as he heard point he retracted his motion to give me the ball and went into the box to serve.

In another scenario I dug a ball off the back wall that was close to the floor but I definitively got under it….. ref called it two bounces which it wasn't. I raised my hand to say that I disagreed there were spectators saying it was good. Again, nothing against the ref. But when I looked at my opponent incredulously as if to say, "you going to help me out here and speak up?" He just kind of shrugged his shoulders and and gave me a look of sympathy. I finally said to my opponent, "help me out so and so, can we do that over?" He didn't hesitate to, nor did the ref, to letting us do it over. But im pretty sure he wouldn't have said anything if didn't start imploring with him.

I was told that when I had to ref that if both players on the court agreed on a call that differed from mine then it's a do over. I was reffing an open doubles match and the server had a lob serve that just barely touched the ceiling. I called it. The serving team looked at me like I was from a different planet. If the opposing team had spoke up and said it didn't touch the ceiling I would have said, "my bad fellas, let's do it over."

Anyway, I was a kind of sore that I didn't witness a little more integrity. Maybe it's too strong to word it that way. Maybe I was hoping for some better…..sportsmanship? This was not a sanctioned tournament but I don't know enough about organized play to know if that should matter.

Am I out of left field in this one?

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19 year old who plays Racquetball — what racquet and glove?

19 year old who plays Racquetball — what racquet and glove?

I am in college and while I play a decent bit, I am not part of a club or anything "competitive" like that. I have just been using whatever racquet that the school provides, but as I am playing multiple times a week since this past summer I feel that it would be good to upgrade. Can anyone suggest a racquet for someone like me?

Also, it seems that the gloves with the most grip leave my hand black for a while — sometimes until the next day. Is there a grippy glove that doesn't do this?

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