I just watched a shocking new Netflix exclusive documentary called "Icarus" which focuses on the whistleblowing of PED usage. This got me thinking about the egregious lack of drug testing in our sport. Sure, there is some testing via the international circuit (IRF), but my internet searching finds minimal evidence of such testing on the pro circuits. Am I misinformed? If not, hopefully the new IRT management can make some headway with this to keep it real, as I find it hard to believe that doping doesn't exist in a sport like ours which requires both endurance and power to succeed. BTW, I did find some reference to testing in the WRT, but nothing in IRT or LPRT.

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How to return ceiling balls?

How to return ceiling balls?

I play an opponent who all he does is constantly hit ceiling balls, and he's very good at making them just die at the back wall. I find that I'm always running backwards for them which makes it hard for me to get a solid return, or I'm waiting for it bounce off the back wall and they either die at my feet or he hits it so hard that i'm now chasing the ball forward into the front court. whats the best strategy to deal with a player who plays like this?

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I have an Ektelon O3 White. I’m trying to figure out how the Power Plugs are suppose to work?

I have an Ektelon O3 White. I’m trying to figure out how the Power Plugs are suppose to work?

It came with four power plugs at the top of the racquet. Do I need to move those to the side for more power or do I need to buy more? What have you found to be the best figuration for your game?
Thank you for any help and advice!!

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Monthly Racquetball Subscription Box

Monthly Racquetball Subscription Box

Heya everyone.

A few months back, I posted a survey in here and got some awesome feedback. For everyone here, and especially those that filled out the survey, I wanted to come back and let you know why we asked about that information in the first place!

My partner and I used that data to help vet our idea, and we then started RacquetBox!

It's a monthly ( or quarterly ) subscription service to deliver you new balls, a glove, and other equipment or items each month, or each quarter.

Along with that, it will come with a paid membership to the IRTNetwork to watch pro racquetball, and a subscription to the USAR magazine.

We'll be launching the site for pre-orders in the coming week, but we announced the project today!

Check it out, and I'm interested in everyone's thoughts!



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