Need help with doubles positioning

Need help with doubles positioning

Hi all! So up until about a year ago, I was pretty much strictly a singles player, with occasional cutthroat games. Never really played doubles. Well, a job change led to a new health club, and the leagues there are primarily doubles (due to limited # of courts).

So I've spent the past year learning the in's and out's of doubles. Note: I'm a leftie, and normally play on my forehand side. Depending upon my playing partner (the league is casual, so we change partners on a nightly if not game-by-game basis), I'll usually also play more in the back rather than front-court.

The problem I'm finding that hasn't gone away over time is my court positioning, especially where to go when it's the opposing team's turn to hit.

I know I'm supposed to give the opponents a cross-court shot lane and a down-the-line opportunity as well. But with 3 other guys on the court, figuring out where to go in a second or so has just eluded me, and it seems like I've been positioned wrong more frequently lately than even when I first started playing doubles.

Are there are diagrams or videos that you'd recommend to help me with this?

Submitted April 02, 2017 at 05:10PM by Blues2112
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