Screen/Hinder question

Screen/Hinder question

So, I was playing doubles at LAF a few days ago and the following occurred. I was positioned at the short line, center court, as my partner hit a shot in front of me that moved (somehow) parallel to the front wall. The ball was about 5 feet in front of me as it crossed me.

One of the opponents had positioned himself about 3-4 feet behind me and subsequently called a screen, saying that I was in his way of seeing the ball. Normally I don't protest anything except a blatently bad call, but this time I did question it.

I'm aware that both members of my team must yield to the opponent if either/both are moving to play the ball we just played. However, this guy wasn't in the process of moving to play the ball. He simply claimed he couldn't see the ball and was flat footed 3 feet behind me. We played the point over of course and we continued to discuss it after the game with no agreement on the rule.

Looking at the Responsibility Rule it appears to me that I was correct. He was parked and made no attempt to move toward and play the ball, even though he didn't have a clear view of it.

Thoughts? Here is the rule as it reads:

(c) Responsibility. While making an attempt to return the ball, a player is entitled to a fair chance to see and return the ball. It is the responsibility of the side that has just hit the ball to move so the receiving side may go straight to the ball and have an unobstructed view of and swing at the ball. However, the receiver is responsible for making a reasonable effort to move towards the ball and must have a reasonable chance to return the ball for any type of hinder to be called.

Submitted May 10, 2017 at 09:55AM by ShockTrek
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