Hinder or not?

Hinder or not?

I was playing cutthroat today and had a situation I'm not sure would be a legal hinder or not.

The ball went to the back wall and I was mid court, facing the side wall, turned a bit towards the back wall, getting ready to play it. One of the other players is moving forward between me and the side wall I'm facing, then crosses in front of me. I'm focused on the ball but see him in my peripheral vision. I thought he'd positioned himself directly between me and the front wall so I held up on the shot, turned to call the hinder, see he's moved to the side but by then it was too late to take the shot. As he was moving I think he paused in front of me, then moved to the side.

This was a friendly game and we just played it over. We have a play it safe policy on hinders. Thinking about it afterwards though I don't think it was a hinder since he'd moved. On the other hand if he was blocking as I'm setting up, is it a hinder even though he moves at the last second?

Submitted May 13, 2017 at 10:24PM by Remo_253
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