Drill Ideas?

Drill Ideas?

I play in a college club (6 regulars, 2 more than play on occasion) and I'm looking for drill ideas. I am probably a low-A player, we have two more that are about my level, one low-B player, and two C players. We play twice a week for 2h each time, and whoever wants to play shows up whenever they want.

I think we would like to drill maybe 30m, once a week at most. We're not all that serious, so much more than that would be overkill. Here are the few drills we do currently, so hopefully you all can add to them!

-Ceiling drill, two people hit ceilings back and forth until someone messes up, we compete to see which pair can get the most. -Dropping balls down a line and taking turns hitting cross-court shots into a racquet in the opposite corner.

And honestly, that's about it. We mainly just play matches against each other. Sometimes when I play with my girlfriend individually (one of the C's) we'll work on something specific that she's bad at, like receiving backhand serves, or Z serves, or drive serves, or whatever, but that's about it.


Submitted May 15, 2017 at 07:37PM by Mettelor
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