Question about a player getting hit with the ball

Question about a player getting hit with the ball

When I learned to play about four years ago as a substitute for cardio, my friend and I would consistently get hit with the ball from each other. We'd decided that it was an interference. And the play went to the person who hit the ball last and not the interfering person. I.E. I serve, he returns, I return but the ball hits him and it's my point. But if he hit me on his return it would be his serve. We would do this even if the ball was obviously not going to the wall, and sometimes it would even be just a way to turn the game in our favor. A pretty dirty way to go about it as well, but it was fun.

What happens in an interference? I don't think there'd be a difference on whether or not the ball was GOING to hit the wall but I can't seem to find the answer and now I play with different people and nobody really even has a set rule. So we just play automatic reserve, though I like the old way a lot more


Edit: if I were to return the ball and it somehow hit me (like hit the wall and quickly hit me after) that would be interference on my pet so opponents serve.

Submitted June 15, 2017 at 03:26AM by CaptainStank056
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