Can hitting the butt of the racquet against a wall damage the frame?

Can hitting the butt of the racquet against a wall damage the frame?

Okay, so I have something of a stupid question for a stupid action. I was playing at an indoor court and, in a moment of frustration after losing a rally in a doubles game in which I'd been pushed multiple times by an opponent without explanation, I hit the butt of my racquet pretty hard against the (wooden) door of the court. (Stupid, I know, for many reasons, not least among them damage to the court.) I hit it pretty hard, three times, in backhand gesture. Since doing that, my racquet seems kind of "off"…. It seems harder to get the same kind of power and solid contact from it I could before. My question is this: is it possible (or rather, is it likely) to damage the frame of a racquet solely by hitting the butt of it against a hard surface?

I've checked the frame for cracks or bent places but don't see any. The strings also look the same as they did before, as far as I can tell. If it matters, the stick is a Head Hades (the older, non-graphene model) and it has a Python grip. I don't remember if I hit the butt directly on the door or if my hand took the brunt of the force, but I didn't notice any bruising or soreness in it, so I'm guessing the former.

Submitted July 22, 2017 at 04:00PM by sniktawnailliv
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