In market for new racquetball bag. Suggestions?

In market for new racquetball bag. Suggestions?

I play 1-2x per week and in an occasional tournament. A-level player. 2-3 racquets at any given time. I currently have an older Ektelon tournament bag with shoulder straps similar to this. I like it but am ready for a change. I'd actually like to downsize a little if I could still fit two racquets, eyewear, a towel, a pair of shoes, some balls, a decent sized glove cord, and some other smaller items. I need shoulder straps.

My main gripe with my current Ektelon bag is the lack of a shoe compartment, and a narrow middle compartment which barely fits extra clothing and towels. Never owned anything Gearbox, but their Anniversary backpack, while smaller, seems promising. What do you use or suggest? Price isn't a huge deal to me. Functionality, quality, and aesthetics are factors, probably in that order.

Submitted September 13, 2017 at 01:00PM by buckeye_man18
via reddit


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