WRT Casino Racquetball Open 2017 Preview

WRT Casino Racquetball Open 2017 Preview

Great draw at the WRT event this weekend in Mexicali, MEX, and some great potential matchups.

Draws: http://ift.tt/2yIZ3Gh

Broadcast Schedule: Quarter Finals: Friday, October 13, 5pm – 8pm PT Semi Finals: Saturday, October 14, 11am & 12:30pm PT Finals: Saturday, October 14, 5pm PT

Draw observations: solid draw, missing only Cardona from the top 10. Also featuring a surprise return to the court in veteran Javier Moreno and none other than Alvaro Beltran (who gets a #21 seed for his troubles).

Squinting at the draw and making some guesses as to who might advance, here's some matches to look out for:


  • Beltran-Martell: Martell didn't play the US Open and has to play world #4 for his troubles.
  • Bredenbeck-Moreno: I don't see the crafty lefty threatening Jake but he could have asked for a nicer draw.
  • Gerardo Franco – Sebastian Fernandez: two youngsters going at it; Fernandez is the reigning Mexican 16U champ while Franco is the reigning Mexican 18U champ.


  • Montoya – Longoria: Longoria is also still in the 18U, having lost to Franco in this year's 18U finals but won last year's 18U. Montoya coincidentally was the Mexican 18U champ in 2015 … showing just how quickly he's risen the ranks. I expect a Montoya victory but he could get pressed.
  • Beltran – Bredenbeck: Jake gets the unlucky draw having to play into the underseeded Beltran. I expect Beltran to win this but it wouldn't shock me to see Jake pull it out if he's hot. Jake will be looking to advance a bit further after running into Kane in the 16s at the US Open.
  • Parrilla – Franco: Parrilla is no stranger to Junior competitions; he lost to countryman Montoya in the final of 2015 Junior 18U worlds. But he's come a long way since then. I see Parrilla taking this as Franco may still be licking his wounds from the pounding Sudsy gave him at US OPen.
  • Landa – Horn: Horn must be pissed at this draw. Landa is fresh off another US OPen semi-final and a win over DLR, staking a claim to being the 3rd best player in the world. Meanwhile Horn was outsted in the 32s by Bolivan Moscoso, and it doesn't get any easier for him here. They've played 6 times on IRT or WRT and Landa has beaten him all 6. I expect the same here.

Semis and possible final:

  • I think Montoya/Beltran could be really interesting. I think Montoya is better than Beltran but it could be close.
  • Landa-Parrilla in the other semi final could be another barn burner. Landa has him h2h 4-1 across both tours but Parrilla beat him the last time they played. Parrilla also went out at the US OPen at the hands of Moscoso, so he'll be looking for a result here.
  • I'm projecting a US Open rematch landa-Montoya, with Montoya winning.

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