2017 HOPE for a Cure Breast Cancer Shootout

2017 HOPE for a Cure Breast Cancer Shootout

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Racquet Rankings Spreadsheet

Racquet Rankings Spreadsheet

Racquetworld has a pretty cool racquet ratings database that I've never seen posted here. It's pretty difficult to navigate, so I made it into an Excel spreadsheet and added a couple more bits of information that could be helpful.

A couple of cool things that I noticed when crunching the numbers.

  • On Average, Gearbox makes the best racquets while Wilson makes the worst.
  • However, the new Wilson Pro Staff is the best racquet to come out in a while.

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Chip shots

Chip shots

I've watched a few professional tournaments on youtube and I've noticed that almost everything is a powerful shot, but when I play at my local court, a lot of people like the chip shots that make me run forward. Why don't I see these professionally, are they just too easy for them? They're fairly hard for me to return, albeit as an amateur.

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