State Association Website Review #2 –

State Association Website Review #2 –

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The IRT is returning to Atlanta for the Creatix Open, November 2-5!

The IRT is returning to Atlanta for the Creatix Open, November 2-5!

Things that make you go hmmmm……

Cristina Amaya Cassino (#7 on the Ladies Professional Racquetball Tour) is ranked #157 on the International Racquetball Tour, but Alejandro Cardona, Tim Landeryou, and Mauricio Zelada are not on the list at all!

The IRT is returning to Atlanta for the Creatix Open, and registration is still open for all divisions until Sunday 10/29!

There are 10 players singed up for the IRT Pro division that don't appear to have gotten any IRT points in the last twelve months.

"The International Racquetball Tour (IRT) awards ranking points based on a rolling, twelve-month calendar."

Seeding will definitely be interesting, as there are 35 players signed up in the pro division now, and 10 of them have no ranking.

1 Kane Waselenchuk
2 Rocky Carson I I I
3 Daniel De La Rosa
4 Alvaro Beltran
5 Jansen Allen
6 Mario Mercado
8 Alejandro Landa
11 Sebastian Franco
12 Samuel Murray
15 Robert Collins
16 Felipe Camacho
17 Scott McClellan
19 Andres Acuna
20 Jose Diaz
23 Jake Bredenbeck
28 Thomas Carter
35 Alejandro Herrera
38 Adam Manilla
39 Nicholas Riffel
44 Troy Warigon
55 Jeremy Best
82 Maurice Miller
82 Marquis Miller
82 Austin Cunningham
82 Destry Everhart

Alejandro Cardona
Rodney Connor
Tim Landeryou
Jim Minkel
Dennis Myers
Noe Rivera
Danny Smith
David Stincer
Roger Subieta
Mauricio Zelada

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Sudsy at the WRT Rocky Mountain Open

Sudsy at the WRT Rocky Mountain Open

Kind of cool to see Sudsy playing in a WRT tournament. The brackets aren't up yet, but there's a pretty good field – Jose Diaz is playing as well, and many of the usual WRT guys will be there (Horn, Bredenbeck, Cardona, etc).

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November RacquetBox

November RacquetBox

Hey /r/racquetball!

A quick thank you again to /r/racquetball for supporting us last month. It's great to continue seeing those 'reddit' coupon codes come in.

As a special thank you this month, we will be sending extra product to every customer who subscribes, or previously subscribed, from reddit!

Our featured vendor for the November RacquetBox is going to be LaserFibre Strings. We've spoken at length with them about their product, migrating into racquetball, and their unique desire to work towards having 100% of their products manufactured in the US.

Each RacquetBox will include a pack of 17g LaserFibre Supreme 2.0 multifilament string among the other items, and redditors will get 2 packs! 😀

LaserFibre will also be sponsoring the "Super" RacquetBox, and one random customer will get hooked up with what we imagine will be a good amount of string, and some other fun swag from the team over at LF. Super RacquetBox usually ends up being worth $150-$200 instead of the normal $40-$50 🙂

If this is the first you've seen of RacquetBox, it's a new racquetball subscription box. You can choose your glove, and choose your balls if you'd like, or have us mix em up. On top of that, we include printed copies of the USAR magazine when they release, and also additional items like grips/string/nutrition/apparel/etc. each shipment.

Monthly boxes will get around 8-9 gloves a year, and quarterly boxes will get ~3 ( basically once every 4 months or so, we will skip a glove in lieu of other higher value items like goggles/etc. )

Use coupon code "reddit" for 10% off your first box at! ( and to make sure you get the double string! )

Also find us on facebook

A picture of our October box will be in the comments for you to see as well. Feel free to comment below with any questions, or PM me directly or message on facebook 🙂

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Wilson racquetball grommets, Anyone have any?

Wilson racquetball grommets, Anyone have any?

I asked here a couple years ago, but I'll try again. Looking for grommets for some older Wilson racquets.

Air Hammer 9.9 (21 inch version) Air Hammer 9.9 stretch Hyper Air Hammer Hyper150/170/190

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