2018 Pan Am Games Racquetball broadcast schedule

2018 Pan Am Games Racquetball broadcast schedule

Here is the tentative schedule for streaming tomorrow the 29th.
All times are CST.
8am – Women's Singles – Longoria (MEX) vs Sabja (BOL)
9am – Women's Singles – Vargas (ARG) vs Rajsich (USA)
10am – Men's Singles – Keller (BOL) vs Mollet (CUB)
11am – Men's Singles – Horn (USA) vs Castro (CAN)
12pm – Women's Doubles – GUA vs COL
1pm – Women's Doubles – ARG vs MEX
2pm – Men's Doubles – CRC vs BOL

The livestream will be on the main page of their site and on their Facebook page.


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Looking for a couple racquets!

Looking for a couple racquets!

Looking to get my hands on: GBX1 165T (purple/pink original) Gearbox Beltran 170T Blue [grip size 3 5/8 only for both] please dm me if you have one you want to sell, or post a link if you know a shop that has them in stock at a decent price. thanks!

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Beginner-ish Player Advice

Beginner-ish Player Advice

Hey everyone. I began playing racquetball around the beginning of November and have been playing a few times each week since. My skills are improving rapidly, but still not good enough to play against the regulars at the gym who are free for pick-up games without getting completely destroyed. Essentially I'm having trouble finding people to play with.

What are some of the best ways I can simulate a rally during practices so I can get better against others? Also: what drills do you find most beneficial for beginners or in your own play?

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