Potential Rajsich Longoria rematch this wnd

Potential Rajsich Longoria rematch this wnd

Last weekend Rhonda Rajsich upset Paola Longoria in Costa Rica in the PanAm Championship. It's a very worth and dramatic match to watch on the IRF's Facebook page. Hopefully, they will meet again in this weekend's LPRT tournament. I'm sure it will be broadcast on Livestream.

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Twisted lines and worn strings sample images

Twisted lines and worn strings sample images

Before restringing my racquet, I took the photos below to show where my strings tend to break down despite having multiple twists at the base. I see virtually no wear at the twists and as far as I can tell, no drop in performance. This is after about 6 weeks of use, Head Megablast multifilament… http://ift.tt/2nVXArc

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South Loop Chicago Racquetball Partner

South Loop Chicago Racquetball Partner

Hey everyone,

I just moved into a new apartment building in the South Loop that has a brand new racquetball court on the premises. I played a good bit through high school and college and then a bicep injury pretty much ended that. Its been years and years and I just strung up the sticks the other day. It is fascinating how much a body can change from perfect college shape to late 20s. I have lost a good bit of what I had but I think with some court time I can get back some of it minus striking velocity.

Part of the reason my wife and I picked this building was the court because she knows I loved the game so much. I am right down the street from the LA Fitness if anyone wants to warm up with me before taking on some better players at the gym. Nobody seems to use the court and if they do they don't really understand the rules of the game.

If anyone in Chicago wants to play I would love to host. I am shaking off the rust for sure so I hate to waste anyone's time but if friendly competition at a private court sounds nice let me know. I can at least promise a killer view of the city and a gin and tonic on the roof to warm down afterwards. Cheers.

Edit: Court and View

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Racquet manufacturer/player manufacturer stereotypes?

Racquet manufacturer/player manufacturer stereotypes?

What are some stereotypes about racquet manufacturers and the people who use them? They don't necessarily have to be true, that's why they're stereotypes. I'll start with a couple.

Ektelon: Really popular with people who have been playing since the 80s. No one seems to use their latest racquets.

Gearbox: Super durable. Which is why college kids love them, so they can smack it against the wall.

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