Active Racquetball Courts in Pensacola, FL?

Active Racquetball Courts in Pensacola, FL?

I'm home on leave and was looking for active racquetball courts in Pensacola, FL. Anyone have any suggestions?

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Racquet manufacturer/player manufacturer stereotypes?

Racquet manufacturer/player manufacturer stereotypes?

What are some stereotypes about racquet manufacturers and the people who use them? They don't necessarily have to be true, that's why they're stereotypes. I'll start with a couple.

Ektelon: Really popular with people who have been playing since the 80s. No one seems to use their latest racquets.

Gearbox: Super durable. Which is why college kids love them, so they can smack it against the wall.

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Any manufacturers still guarantee their balls?

Any manufacturers still guarantee their balls?

It used to be if you broke a ball before the printing wore off, the company would replace it. Just wondering if anyone still bears that out? I haven't even played a game in the last 2 months and have broke 3 Wilson blues just having short solo hits a couple times a week.

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30th Pan American Games Racquetball tournament; live on Facebook

30th Pan American Games Racquetball tournament; live on Facebook

You may not have known this, but Racquetball is in the Pan Am games, which are going on right now in Costa Rica. The preliminary rounds are done and the main singles and doubles draws are set.

Doubles draw preview

Looking at the Men's Singles draw, the seeds go Mar, Horn, Landa, Pratt, Moscoso, Green, Acuna, and Murray. Assuming the first rounds go to chalk, here's some discussion on the possible Men's quarters: * I see a 1-8 Mar-Murray match as a barn burner; Mar is the defending Mexican champ but Murray has been playing IRT full time this year and looks great. * I don't see much upset potential in the 2-7, 3-6, 4-5 matchups. * I think a 2-3 matchup of Horn and Landa could be awesome; they absolutely don't like each other. They've played 6 times that I can tell on either IRT or WRT and Landa is 6-0, but nearly every game is a tiebreaker or extended match.
* I can't see Mar getting upset before the final; Pratt is playing well but not to Mar's level. * I predict a Mexican Nationals final rematch between Mar and Landa and have no reason to think Mar won't prevail again.

On the women's side, its kind of anti-climactic since nobody has beaten Paola Longoria in so long. But her eventual finals opponent could be any one of a handful of competitors.
* #2 Rajsich may have to face teammate Sharon Jackson in the round of 16 and might have her hands full.
* #3 Salas will have a tough match in the quarters against Sudsy-coached #6 Sotomayer (assuming seeds hold) * On the top, I could easily see #12 seed Munoz making the semis and upsetting #5 Daza and #4 Mendez. * I predict another all-Mexican final, Longoria over her doubles partner Salas in a 1-3 matchup.

The matches are being streamed on Facebook; find "international racquetball federation" and follow them to get their Facebook Live notifications.

Racquetball isn't in the olympics, so this is essentially the highest international competition out there for the sport.

(apologies for formatting; i can't get Reddit to take the bullet point formatting for some reason).

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Two questions about spinning the ball before a serve and shots that exit the back top part of the court.

Two questions about spinning the ball before a serve and shots that exit the back top part of the court.

  1. Can you spin the ball with your hand when you're throwing the ball down for its bounce before your serve?

  2. What is the resulting call when you hit the ceiling, the front wall, and then the ball bounces out of the back, top part of the court? Loss of point/serve or replay the point?

Submitted April 11, 2017 at 12:30AM by itsreaditpeople
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