Two questions about spinning the ball before a serve and shots that exit the back top part of the court.

Two questions about spinning the ball before a serve and shots that exit the back top part of the court.

  1. Can you spin the ball with your hand when you're throwing the ball down for its bounce before your serve?

  2. What is the resulting call when you hit the ceiling, the front wall, and then the ball bounces out of the back, top part of the court? Loss of point/serve or replay the point?

Submitted April 11, 2017 at 12:30AM by itsreaditpeople
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Need help with doubles positioning

Need help with doubles positioning

Hi all! So up until about a year ago, I was pretty much strictly a singles player, with occasional cutthroat games. Never really played doubles. Well, a job change led to a new health club, and the leagues there are primarily doubles (due to limited # of courts).

So I've spent the past year learning the in's and out's of doubles. Note: I'm a leftie, and normally play on my forehand side. Depending upon my playing partner (the league is casual, so we change partners on a nightly if not game-by-game basis), I'll usually also play more in the back rather than front-court.

The problem I'm finding that hasn't gone away over time is my court positioning, especially where to go when it's the opposing team's turn to hit.

I know I'm supposed to give the opponents a cross-court shot lane and a down-the-line opportunity as well. But with 3 other guys on the court, figuring out where to go in a second or so has just eluded me, and it seems like I've been positioned wrong more frequently lately than even when I first started playing doubles.

Are there are diagrams or videos that you'd recommend to help me with this?

Submitted April 02, 2017 at 05:10PM by Blues2112
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New Raquet Strings

New Raquet Strings

I have been using the GB 250 for about two months now and I've noticed that the the strings in the sweet spot always slide up to the top of the racquet head out of place after no more than a game. After that I have to take a second to pull the center strings back horizontally. Does this mean I need to adjust the tension in the strings or am I hitting the ball wrong, OR is this normal?

For context, I serve mostly lob serves and play with people that I can hit offensive low drive returns regularly and always play with a purple ball in concrete indoor courts.

Submitted April 01, 2017 at 05:02AM by kingfiasco
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