Do you use any type of special breathing technique?

Do you use any type of special breathing technique?

So I have a tendency of playing really fast and hard to start off a game and get an early lead. It usually works pretty well, but sometimes I can get winded if I dont take a timeout to catch my breath. Does anyone know a breathing technique to slow your heart rate and maximize your oxygen level in between rallies so I don't have to keep using up my timeouts?

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I’m struggling getting my lob serves down

I’m struggling getting my lob serves down

All resources I've seen say that I should be having my lob land just short or just past the encroachment line. When I accomplish this my ball does not carry to the back wall leaving my opponent and easy kill. I'm hitting high up on the front wall, sometimes only a few feet from the ceiling. Am I hitting the font wall too high? When I land about 5 ft past the encroachment line then the ball stalls at the back wall, but wouldn't this just allow a good player to cut it off toof easy?

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First tourney coming up, couple questions…

First tourney coming up, couple questions…

Obviously I'll need to study up on the rule book. Are there any unwritten rules I should be aware of? Things pertaining to etiquette? Is there something that new players do that bugs you veterans?

Also, I have no idea how I'll compare to the competition. I've played recreationally off and on for a few years, but I've played the same three guys that whole time. I can only kill a little less than half of setups, I have no lob serve, and my endurance is sub par. I've got a decent drive serve and z serve. I was thinking of doing B and C in hopes that I play a B match first and if the director makes me play A and B after seeing me play then I'll have zero problem with that.

Who provides the ball? What color ball is used? Also, the flyer says, "One serve per division." What does that mean?

Thanks folks

Submitted February 10, 2018 at 11:32AM by sodak748
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