Gearbox on Tour

Gearbox on Tour

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October RacquetBox – $150 Rollout Giveaway

October RacquetBox – $150 Rollout Giveaway

Hey /r/racquetball!

I'm limiting myself to 1 post a month at most regarding RacquetBox, and posting to showcase our featured vendor, and giveaway for the month!

First, I wanted to thank everyone from reddit who has already subscribed. It's fun seeing the "reddit" coupon code being used, and knowing where that comes from 🙂

Next up, we are working with Rollout Racquetball this month and including apparel from them in every subscriber's box.

On top of that, October will feature a "Super" RacquetBox to be given away at random to one lucky subscriber. It will contain roughly $150 worth of Rollout Racquetball gear, putting that box value up to almost $200.

So if you're a fan of Rollout, now is a great month to sign up if you were on the fence. Remember, boxes start at $28.99 a month, and we also offer quarterly deliveries as well.

If this is the first you've seen of RacquetBox, it's a new racquetball subscription box. You can choose your glove, and choose your balls if you'd like. On top of that, we include printed copies of the USAR magazine when they release, and also additional items like grips/string/nutrition/apparel/etc. each shipment.

Monthly boxes will get around 8-9 gloves a year, and quarterly boxes will get ~3 ( basically once every 4 months or so, we will skip a glove in lieu of other higher value items like goggles/etc. )

Remember you can use coupon code "reddit" for 10% off your first box as well.

Also find us on facebook

A picture of our first box will be in the comments for you to see as well. Feel free to comment below with any questions, or PM me directly or message on facebook 🙂

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Looking for a match

Looking for a match

I'm a low B, middle C player who's going to be in North Dallas starting Oct 7. Would love to pick up a couple of matches while I'm there.

Casual or competitive. It doesn't matter to me. Just want to play. Am staying close to the Landmark club and can afford their drop in charge.

Submitted September 17, 2017 at 02:05PM by descentformula
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First tournament

First tournament

Hey there fam. Looking to get any tips or words of encouragement as I took the dive into registering in my first racquetball tournament in October. I'm pretty excited and have always wanted to do one although I'm very nervous I won't look like I know what I'm doing. I'm 30 years old and have been playing for fun since I was a teenager off and on. I got a new racquet a couple weeks ago, the Head i.165. But I'm not 100% confident that it's the proper racquet to be stepping into a tournament with so any advice on that matter as well is greatly appreciated or any advice really for a first timer into the competitive realm. Thanks all!

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