Doubles serving questions

Doubles serving questions

I mostly play singles and cut-throat, so I'm not certain of all the ins and outs of doubles play. Three questions:

  • If I'm serving, can I choose which side I want my partner to stand on?

  • If I'm serving, can I have my partner switch sides with each serve?

  • If I'm serving, can I serve to whichever side of the court I want (assuming no hinders/screens)?

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Thoughts on the US Open IRT Men’s Draw; qualifying and 32s.

Thoughts on the US Open IRT Men’s Draw; qualifying and 32s.

Looking at the recently announced Men's IRT draw and qualifying has some pretty interesting matches. And some really unfortunate pairings for some guys who are going to have to play pretty good players with no seeding points.

Here's some matches i've got my eye on.


  • Conrad Moscoso – Thomas Carter: brutal matchup for Carter, who has had some success on tour lately but who faces a guy in Moscoso who has some pretty high profile Pan-Am wins under his belt (he beat DLR at the 2015 Pan Ams).

  • Monchik- Johnson: definitely interested to see what the 42-yr old Monchik has right now. He has played just three pro matches since April, 2007.

  • Carlos Keller Vargas – Alejandro Herrera: another guy in the same vein as Moscoso; Bolivian player who has made noise in int'l competitions (he beat Beltran at 2015 Pan Ams) but rarely plays pro events domestically (I don't have him in an IRT event since the 2012 US Open). Herrera gets a tough luck draw here.

  • Dylan Reid – Fernando Rios: up and coming youngster versus grizzled international veteran; should be a good match.

64s (projecting/guessing on some winners here)

  • Galicia – Troncoso: tough match-up for these guys to reach main draw.

  • Schopiery – Gomez: another youngster versus veteran match-up; Brad has some good wins on his resume and should prevail.

  • Gerardo Franco – Sudsy Monchik: well, we'll quickly find out how good Sudsy looks, because his potential opponent in the 64s to qualify is no slouch. Franco made the Qtrs of the first IRT event and took a game off of DLR: i don't know how this match goes … but I'm favoring Franco.

Looking ahead with a ton of assumptions to possible round of 32 matches that I find intriguing:

  • 16th seeded Diaz- Bredenbeck: man, tough 16/17 seed match. Bredenbeck is probably the better player but Diaz sometimes gets into his head and leads h2h. Bredenbeck beat him in WRT Atlanta a few weeks back but it was tight (12,12).

  • 9th seeded Horn-Moscoso: well if Moscoso can survive qualifying, he has an interesting round-of-32 match-up against the 9th seeded Horn.

  • 5th seeded Jansen Allen – Edson Martinez: #5 seeded Allen has shown some vulnerability to up and coming players, but Martinez may not be the guy to challenge him at this juncture. Still might be a good match to watch.

  • 12th seeded Felipe Camacho awaits the winner of the likely Franco/Monchik match … and I think whoever qualifies takes him out and advances.

  • 3rd seeded De La Rosa could face Carlos Keller Vargas in the 32s; tough match-up if Vargas is on his game.

  • 11th seeded Alejandro Landa – Montoya: man I hate that this match-up happens here. What a tough break for these two guys. Both are threats to make the semi finals in every IRT event they enter, instead one goes out in the 32s. Montoya beat him on the WRT in a June final, but Landa handled him easily at Pan-Am games. I'd probably give Landa a slight edge but Landa has been notably absent from tourneys lately and I wonder if he's not hurt. Montoya looked pretty solid in California 2 weeks ago but i've watched Landa completely frustrate him on the court. Tough match to call.

  • 10th seeded seed Murray vs possibly Javier Mar; another tough draw for both guys, who have both been playing pretty well lately. Whoever wins this likely upsets #7 seed Mercado to make the Quarters. I think I favor Mar honestly; he's been playing well lately, took out Landa in an IRT tier 4 event a month ago, and breezed to a WRT win by taking out (in order) Bredenbeck, Parrilla and Montoya in August.

  • 15th seeded McClellan – Acuna: veteran player Acuna probably "upsets" McClellan by seed but not by talent.

I think we'll start a new thread once we get through the 32s; I see some possible awesome 16s and qtrs too.

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