Racquerball Options in Plano

Racquerball Options in Plano

Hey all, I'm doing to be spending some time in Plano next week and was curious if anyone knew of a good place in the area to play? I found the Landmark Club in northern Dallas, and that's "only" a 30 minute drive, but I'm not sure if that's a REAL 30 minutes or a NOVA 30 minutes which might be 4 hours depending on traffic.

I've never really traveled for work outside of areas I know will, so any advice finding somewhere to destress would be awesome.

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IRT Tour – Derp

IRT Tour – Derp

So here we sit, one day before the opening Tier 1 event of the 2017-2018 IRT Tour season. As a follower of the professional tours, I still get a bit excited for the start of the season, regardless of the fact that the pro sport's top tour is obviously in a bit of trouble.

Even better, I see on Twitter from @racquetballblog (who does a far better job of promoting the sport than the tour itself) that Ben Croft is going to be playing doubles in the pro draw this weekend with Kane – excellent! Man, I'd love to watch this.

Of course, as I scroll down my racquetball feed on Twitter to see if there's any additional information on this weekend's tourney or whether there's streaming, I find – nothing. Ok, business as usual, so I'll go check the IRT site: http://ift.tt/2gIkmMv

Well, it looks like there is a placeholder for the tournament (that again, starts tomorrow), with links to the draws for the Pro Singles, Pro Doubles and IRT Futures draws at R2sports – which haven't actually been released by the tournament director at this time. So you can't really see who's playing or when. There's no story about the tournament, no information about broadcast times (or their broadcast partner), nada, zip, zilch, zero.

Allrighty, I'll just swing by the IRTNetwork site and see what I can find. At http://ift.tt/2f4L9Tf, I look at the list of upcoming broadcast events. There is one item listed, simply titled "No events".

Sadly, this is about what I've come to expect from these two entities over the years. Very little social media presence and minimal communication at their own websites.

I realize the new ownership is just getting revved up here, but this should be such a basic, easy website and social media update to accomplish.

The new ownership should be fired up coming out of the gate, but it appears to be business as usual (or even a bit worse than usual) at this point.

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A Splat Shot that hits both side walls before front?

A Splat Shot that hits both side walls before front?

What is this actually called? Felt like a kill shot, if you missed it even by a little it was a free point for the player. Basically just do a splat shot but hit it so hard into the wall it goes across the court touching the other side wall before touching the front wall.

It was really hard to return if you hit it right, almost no forward momentum. We've jokingly been calling it a zip shot. Is there a name for this type of shot?

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