Javier Moreno speaks to Kaptura2Sports about his 2018 racquetball plans

Javier Moreno speaks to Kaptura2Sports about his 2018 racquetball plans

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How do you “taper” in the days before a tourney?

How do you “taper” in the days before a tourney?

Just curious, how do some of you adjust your workouts (and other preparations) before a big competition? If you answer, please let us know your relative fitness level/intensity of your usual routine. I'm still trying to find a balance between resting my body and maintaining the accuracy of my game.

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Rules Question

Rules Question

Player A hits their rally shot towards the front wall, the ball then hits the back wall bounces once then hits the front wall. Who's shot is it, Player A again or Player B cause they did not yet hit the ball to continue the rally?

Another question I had is i started playing at a court the has a red line approx 12 ft up the back wall. I've never seen this in the other courts I've played in, is it illegal to hit the ball above this line to send it back to the front wall?

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