What to do when other player is blocking your shot with their body?

What to do when other player is blocking your shot with their body?

I used to play a lot in college and am coming back now at 40+. The other day I played a friendly pickup match and it went better than I expected. However several times I waa picking up a shot in the backcourt and he seemed to move into position (knowingly or not) where his body blocked the shot.

This was a friendly game against a stranger but what is the usual etiquette here? Just play around them (taking an inferior shot)? Drill them in the back to teach them to move out of the way? What do y'all do? When I played in college we basically got out of the way so I don't remember this being much of an issue.

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Clarification on Raquetball rule.

Clarification on Raquetball rule.

Hey guys, this is probably a complete noob question, but my friend and I started playing racquetball recently, and although we studied the rules, we still weren't sure about a certain play. My friend served, and I hit it back. He's saying that because it was going to hit the back wall, it counts as a fault, and I agree that it was going to hit the back wall, I think because I hit it back before it hit the back wall, it counts as a valid serve. Can anyone please clarify?

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Need advice on backcourt power

Need advice on backcourt power

Does anyone have advice on some drills/exercises that might help me generate more velocity from 30 to 40 feet? I recently came back to the sport after a few years off to rehabilitate some lower back issues, and it seems that (and probably hitting 50) has affected my power some.

The weird thing is, I still generate good power from the backcourt when I'm taking a shot off the back wall. But I feel like I'm having to swing much harder when I shoot off of a short shot or ceiling ball.

So I'm sure there's some footwork and weight transfer issues. Just wondering if there's some type of drilling I could do to improve this?

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Subreddit Other Links

Subreddit Other Links

Is it time to update the Other Links section of this subreddit?

Rules of Racquetball

Remove Meet & Play, remove Pacific Sports. (Meet & Play is long gone and Pacific Sports is just a redirect to Racquet World.)

Proposed additions:

Training Videos

Do any of the subscribers for this subreddit even use the PC version of the website so that you see these links? Or is everyone using mobile and the apps so you never see the outdated links?

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Keeping your timing playing a better opponent

Keeping your timing playing a better opponent

I played a round-robin today at my local racquet club, and I was doing pretty well until my last game. The last guy was a level above me but I know I can play better, and my form went right out the window. I think it was because I felt the pressure of playing someone better than me, which leads me to this question for you all:

How do you keep your form, timing, and your cool when playing a better opponent? I understand the point is to throw your opponent off, but I feel like I'm rushing my shots. I'm guessing it's just practice, but maybe I'm missing something.

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Can hitting the butt of the racquet against a wall damage the frame?

Can hitting the butt of the racquet against a wall damage the frame?

Okay, so I have something of a stupid question for a stupid action. I was playing at an indoor court and, in a moment of frustration after losing a rally in a doubles game in which I'd been pushed multiple times by an opponent without explanation, I hit the butt of my racquet pretty hard against the (wooden) door of the court. (Stupid, I know, for many reasons, not least among them damage to the court.) I hit it pretty hard, three times, in backhand gesture. Since doing that, my racquet seems kind of "off"…. It seems harder to get the same kind of power and solid contact from it I could before. My question is this: is it possible (or rather, is it likely) to damage the frame of a racquet solely by hitting the butt of it against a hard surface?

I've checked the frame for cracks or bent places but don't see any. The strings also look the same as they did before, as far as I can tell. If it matters, the stick is a Head Hades (the older, non-graphene model) and it has a Python grip. I don't remember if I hit the butt directly on the door or if my hand took the brunt of the force, but I didn't notice any bruising or soreness in it, so I'm guessing the former.

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