What do you look for in a good shoe for racquetball?

What do you look for in a good shoe for racquetball?

I thought my Nike Free Trainers were doing a good job but after coming close to twisting my ankle twice I think I need to reconsider getting something more specific to the game.

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I play in a pool (billiards) league as well as a racquetball league. In pool I would get killed in 3 games against a better player, so I have a handicap that says as much.

Does (or should) Racquetball institute a similar rating system so noobs have a shot?

I get that I can do it locally, but if there were an amateur league rulebook, like APA, I think it might attract more players.

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Suggestions for a racquet with a head sized between the classic style and the modern style.

Suggestions for a racquet with a head sized between the classic style and the modern style.

I'm currently using a Wilson Graphite Personal (classic style) very similar to this one. I am 23 with a heavy tennis background. When I first started playing 3 years ago, I used modern style rentals but I found that my swing was too similar to a tennis swing with the larger racquet. Although I still have a bit of a tennis swing, the much smaller classic racquet has allowed me to get to a more proper racquetball swing with better wrist action. However, the springiness of the strings are very limited on the classic style due to the small head size.

I'm looking for a head size in-between the classic and the modern style. I do like the smaller size racquet because I find myself having more control, but I'd like to add more power to my game with a more modern style. If it matters, I use a semi-Western grip while playing racquetball adopted from how I hold a tennis racquet. From what I've noticed, most people in racquetball use the Continental grip. I play 3-4 times per week and would consider myself a high-C player but hindered by my racquet choice.

Any suggestions on a racquet model?

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