Need to upgrade, deciding between GB 250, Head i165, and Head Great White 167, any feedback much appreciated.

Need to upgrade, deciding between GB 250, Head i165, and Head Great White 167, any feedback much appreciated.

Hello all, new to this sub. I have been playing recreationally for 15 years. Currently using E force Chaos that I’ve had for nearly 5 years.

I am probably best one in my group, but that’s not saying a lot. Typically only get to play once or twice a week during the winter months as I live 20 miles from the nearest court. I would say my game is geared towards placement over power. But, I feel like I could use help in the power dept if able.

From the digging I did, I came up with these 3, not really able to do a testing program since I live in rural Nebraska. I was about ready to pull the lever on the GB 250 last night but didn’t love paying over $100. Any advice or comparison on these? Or, am I missing the mark completely, is there a better option for what I described? Thanks so much for the input.

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Promo code to Racquetball Warehouse?

Promo code to Racquetball Warehouse?

I am looking at upgrading to the GearBox 250 after reading reviews. Was hoping to not spend over $100 if possible. Thx

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Joined a league, any tips/advice?

Joined a league, any tips/advice?

I just recently joined a racquetball league and was wondering if anyone had any tips or advice from what you may have experienced. I've never been in a league before (for any racquet sport) and am very excited for it to begin but also nervous at the same time. I was told I'm starting in the beginner division and can move up as I develop and get better. Any tips about league play or any routines or training exercises you do to keep your game at its highest level would be greatly appreciated.


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