Great way to grow the game?

Great way to grow the game?

I heard a story on NPR about a city in Connecticut that has brought the game of sqaush into the inner-city and it's been a huge success. So naturally I wondered, why not racquetball?

Sure, capital costs aren't as cheap as hanging a backboard and a rim but how many empty warehouses in those communities could accommodate a couple of courts? 40×20 drywall boxes with lights and wood floors. Nothing fancy. And the player starup cost doesn't have to be expensive either. No one needs a $200 racquet to play, eye protection is less than $10, and most athletically inclined kids already have appropriate shoes.

IRT/WRT if you read this sub please give this idea some consideration. I'm sure there are government grants out there that could help offset or even cover the cost. This would be a great way to bring players into the sport who have probably never even heard of it. Personally, I've never met anyone who's played racquetball and has said "Yeah, I've played it a few times but it was boring."

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That moment when you realize the manufacturer doesn’t know how to string its own racquet…

That moment when you realize the manufacturer doesn’t know how to string its own racquet…

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Wearable for Racquetball

Wearable for Racquetball

Hi Everyone,

I'm digging into the internet trying to find a good fitness tracker wearable system that works well with racquetball, not having much luck. Do any of you wear a fitness watch and track racquetball workouts? Which devices/systems do you use?



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Ekelton 03 Black for beginner/intermediate?

Ekelton 03 Black for beginner/intermediate?

Hi. I've been playing for about 3 years, 1.5 years "seriously" (more than once a week). Our gym has 3 league levels, and I'm about middle of the pack of the mid-level. I'm 33 and certainly have no aspirations beyond being one of the best in our club.

I'm currently using what was the cheapest reasonable option from Amazon at the time, a Ekelton Power Ring Freak. I think it was $25. I've never used a decent racquet before and have no idea what the differences are, or whether I'd even be able to tell.

Currently, someone local is selling an Ekelton 03 Black for $50. Assuming it's in good shape, is that a reasonable racquet to step up to? I figure it's good to be a good bit better than what I'm used to, and will also help me figure out whether I like that weight or not.

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