South Coast Racquetball – Rally of the Day

South Coast Racquetball – Rally of the Day

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IRT St. Louis event this weekend; preview

IRT St. Louis event this weekend; preview

St. Louis IRT Draws now up for the tourney this weekend:

Here's some quick thoughts on the draw and some prognostication, drawing on some head to head stats. Note I've also posted this into the Facebook page which i've stood up to help drive awareness of the database site:

  • A relatively small draw this time around; just 22 players in the pro draw versus draw sizes of 37, 73 and 33 for the season's first three events.
  • We're Missing a number of top players: no Rojas brothers again, no Mercado, and we're missing all the top WRT guys (Montoya, Parrilla, Landa). The tour's elite breathes a sign of relief at their absence; Landa in particular has made the Semis of four of the last five tourneys he's entered at the expense of several higher ranked IRT pros.
  • Thanks to all these absences, Horn (ranked 13th on tour), slips into the top 8 for this tourney … and then thanks to the 5-8 seed shuffle gets a 5th seed in this draw.
  • Long time top 8 Pro Tony Carson returns to the tour for the first time since Jan 2016 … and for his trouble has to face Bredenbeck, fresh off a defeat of De La Rosa in the most recent tourney.
  • Kane is obviously favored to win his fourth event in as many tries this season. He may have had his epic games won streak broken at the US Open, but he's currently working on a 50-match winning streak that doesn't look like its going to be broken any time soon.
  • Kane has also won 12 straight tournaments in a row, tied for the best such record I track.

Matches to look for; if seeds hold, here's some matches to watch out for:

  • In the 16s: Horn-Bredenbeck: these two have met 13 times on the WRT and are about even … but Horn has gotten him 4 of the last 5 times they've played. A fun match awaits between these two contrasting styles.
  • In the Qtrs: Horn-De La Rosa; If Horn can get past Jake, he faces a guy against whom he's never won (0-4 on IRT, 0-1 on IRF). If Jake wins … then its a rematch of the last tournament's big upset.
  • In the Qtrs: Franco-Carson; Franco extended Rocky to 5 games in Atlanta and they're set to face off again. Maybe Franco fares a bit better not having had come off of a brutal 5-game win in the 16s.

Quick Semis predictions: I'm going chalk this tourney: Kane, DLR, Beltran and Carson, with Kane over Rocky again in the finals.

Lastly, this tournament is really neat because of the High School League aspect; if you're not aware of the amazing programming going on in the St. Louis area, its a model of grass roots development that our sport desperately needs nationwide. If nothing else, check out the HS draws when they come out; there's apparently more than 400 players entered (!!).

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Recommendations For Prescription Goggles

Recommendations For Prescription Goggles

The title pretty much says it all. I've got the Pro Kennex ones now with the tinted lenses you can swap out (which I like a lot), but the insert that holds the lenses is kind of cheap (which I don't like a lot). What are you nearsighted racquetball moles using for eyewear?

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