2018 Alamo City Open Wrap-Up – Pro Racquetball Stats Blog

2018 Alamo City Open Wrap-Up – Pro Racquetball Stats Blog

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PRS site update: Juniors Historical Data Entry Updates and new Reports available

PRS site update: Juniors Historical Data Entry Updates and new Reports available

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ankle issues

ankle issues

I've recently gotten back into playing after a long hiatus. I stopped playing about 5 year ago after rolling my ankle. I've been practicing by myself now for about a month, and a few times I've felt a small pop, or about sprained my ankle. Is this probably just an issue with my technique? How can I avoid hurting my ankle again?

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My Review of FixMyRacquet

My Review of FixMyRacquet

I made a prior thread asking about racquet repair sites: https://old.reddit.com/r/racquetball/comments/9q3inz/has_anyone_tried_a_racquet_repair_site_did_it_work/

Long story short, I ended up sending my racquet into FixMyRacquet based in Texas. I found out about it via Sudsey Monchik's instagram, so I guess the advertising paid off for them. Here's a summary:

Communication – 4/5. Initial communication was great. Had an initial email exchange asking about the process, costs, etc. Response was prompt.

Cost – 4/5. There's not much to compare to, but I thought it was reasonable. I paid $69, plus cost to ship my racquet to them, to repair/reinforce both corners of my racquet, plus get a new grip. Only one corner was broken, but I'm particular and wanted it to be evenly balanced.

Turnaround Time – 1/5. I shipped my racquet to them Oct 23rd. It arrived Oct 29th. I was invoiced Nov 26th and paid that day. I received the racquet Dec 1st. They had told me turnaround time is usually 10-14 days, but they were running "a bit behind." Over the course of the next month, I had to reach out for updates. In my case, the total turnaround time was 33 days, based on when they received the racquet.

Biggest Issue – On Nov 19th, I emailed them to ask if my racquet would be back to me in time for a Dec 1st tournament. They promised it would. Needless to say, it did not arrived in time. It arrived later in the day on Dec 1st, at which point the tournament had already begun. Keep in mind, I still had to string the racquet. I didn't actually get it until Dec 3rd, because it arrived at a business address, which was closed on the Saturday.

Repair Work – TBD. The work itself looks professional and clean. I haven't had a chance to string it and test it out, but both repaired corners are symmetrical. Pic here: https://imgur.com/a/WlVWKP5

Current Overall Impression – 3/5. I was impressed at first, but that gave way to frustration over the lengthy turnaround time, especially given the promise to get it back to me in time for the tournament. Also, in my final follow-up email on Nov 26th, I received what I perceived to be a very sarcastic and off-putting response, complete with about fifteen exclamation points!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They invoiced me for the racquet later that day.

I will provide an update once I've had an opportunity to use the racquet and test its playability and durability.

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Better sub $75 starter racquet – Gearbox or Head?

Better sub $75 starter racquet – Gearbox or Head?

Buying a pair of racquets for my parents as they're hoping to get into racquetball. Not looking to drop more than $75 each and I've found a few that look ok from what I've researched:

I know these aren't anything spectacular but I'm not looking to drop more cash if they end up not going through with it.

Any input is appreciated, thanks!

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