Mexican Nationals Men’s Open Preview

Mexican Nationals Men’s Open Preview

Submitted February 21, 2018 at 05:37PM by toddboss
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IRF Junior World Championships Highlights W 18U | Olympic Channel << Watch this match!

IRF Junior World Championships Highlights W 18U | Olympic Channel << Watch this match!

Submitted February 19, 2018 at 10:12PM by HitWithIt
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Is my understanding of drive serve lines correct?

Is my understanding of drive serve lines correct?

I don't feel like the rulebook is very clear on this, but I'm open to the notion that I'm just stupid. As I interpret the rule I should be allowed to do the following. As a right handed player I can stand within the right 3ft drive zone and preform a drive serve so long as I serve a cross court shot(to another righties back hand) or a hard z serve(ball finishing to a lefties back hand). I can also stand within the left 3ft drive zone a perform cross court drive(a lefties backhand) or I could play a hard z from the same spot(to a righties backhand)

The only time the drive zone line come into play is if I was performing a straight drive serve in which the ball never leaves the area between me and the wall I'm facing(again right handed server) and then ONLY the right side drive line come into play. I could drive with my butt cheeks touching the left wall if I wanted to so long as I don't perform a "screen" serve in which the ball come straight back at me. Do I have this all correct?

And if you're wondering why I would ever z serve from the right court instead of serving from the left is because I have caught people "sleeping" as they slowly drift left of center to return my non z serve… at least that's what I tell myself anyway

Submitted February 17, 2018 at 04:11PM by sodak748
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Do you use any type of special breathing technique?

Do you use any type of special breathing technique?

So I have a tendency of playing really fast and hard to start off a game and get an early lead. It usually works pretty well, but sometimes I can get winded if I dont take a timeout to catch my breath. Does anyone know a breathing technique to slow your heart rate and maximize your oxygen level in between rallies so I don't have to keep using up my timeouts?

Submitted February 14, 2018 at 01:09PM by celed10
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